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Important information

Skim/Andaman Islands/Ladakh
° If you are visiting Sikim/ Andaman Islands/Ladakh during your travel, add a detailled program

° Always ask for a multiple entries visa
° Add a detailled travelprogram

Processing time at the consulate/embassy

° Minimum 6-7 working days
° Express procedure : no

Visa upon arrival


Holidays where the consulate/embassy is closed

15/08/2024 dag van de onafhankelijkheid
02/10/2024 geboortedag mohandas karamchand gandhi
25/12/2024 kerstdag
26/01/2025 dag van de republiek

Visa costs

This is the cost charged by the Embassy or the Consulate. Can be different for different visa types and instances.

Carnet de passage (international customs document)

Do you travel with your own car or motor cycle to and/or in this country?
Check if you need a carnet de passage.

More information about the documents needed to apply for a visa

Instruction sheet visadesk

° Online

Application form

° Single
° Online
° Signed original

Tips for filling out:
° Mention all the first names, as in your international passport
° First and last name of parents/partner

Residency card

Copy of your Belgian residency card (both sides) if you have another nationality than the Belgian.

If you don't have a Belgian residency card, please contact us:

Passport picture

- 2 recent, identical, color passport pictures, white background ( attach with paperclip)
- size 5cm x 5cm (American size)
- no scanned or self printed pictures
- frontal picture of face and shoulders
- without tinted glasses

Specific documents

° Declaration form
° authorisation form
° Africa declaration from
° Parental declaration (only when the traveler is a minor or a student)
° Fax message (only necessary if the traveler does not have the Belgian nationality)

Copy international passport

° A copy of the data page

Belgian ID card

* Copy of both sides of Belgian ID card

International passport

° Original international passport
° Valid for minimum 6 months since the application
° Minimum 2 blank pages

Always add a copy of the data page.

Proof of residence

° Private invoice of traveler, from whatever supplier. with the address and date. OR print out of personal data.

° Non-Belgians: Private invoice of traveler, from whatever supplier. OR print out of personal data + invoice of at least 2 years old.