Organizing a trip is quite something! There are so many things to consider. Traveling with pets, minor children or taking specific medication with you: every destination has specific rules.


For a careless trip, we advise you to strictly follow the rules and procedures.

Check if euros, bank and credit cards are accepted and make sure you know what to do in case of loss or theft.

Please make sure you check the travel regulations regarding:

• Ebola
• Imminent terror
• Medication
• Souvenirs
• Pets


When you travel abroad, ALWAYS take your Belgian ID card with you. The period of validity can differ per destination.


Travellers Online is a registration website where Belgian nationals can register their travel- and personal information, and register a contact person in Belgium. In case of crisis in the country of your destination (ex natural disaster, attack or accident), the ministry of foreign affairs can locate and contact the travellers and their family in Belgium much easier.


The following links will already give you a lot of interesting information: