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Important information

When you need a multiple entry visa, contact us:

You did not use your previous visa and want to apply for a new one?
° The new visa will use the validity of your flight details, despite the duration on the invitation/.

Processing time at the consulate/embassy

° Minimum 7 working days
° Express procedure: 3 working days

Transit visa

Yes, provided that:
° Russia is not your final destination, but a transit country.
° You can show the visa of the previous and following country

Maximum stay:
° Single entry: 5 days
° Double entry: 10 days

Documents are the same as for a tourist visa.

E-visa (online visa)

Yes, only applicable if you are not staying more than 8 days in Kaliningrad or Saint Petersburg

Holidays where the consulate/embassy is closed

12/06/2023 national holiday
04/11/2023 dag van de eenheid
01/01/2024 new year
07/01/2024 orthodox kerstmis
08/03/2024 internationale vrouwendag
01/05/2024 labor day holiday

Visa costs

This is the cost charged by the Embassy or the Consulate. Can be different for different visa types and instances.

Carnet de passage (international customs document)

Do you travel with your own car or motor cycle to and/or in this country?
Check if you need a carnet de passage.

Visa upon arrival


More information about the documents needed to apply for a visa

Application form

° Single
° Online
° Original signed
° printed on both sides

° Add your telephone numer with the address
° Use VISADESK1 as password

International passport

° Original international passport
° Valid for minimum 6 months after return
° Minimum 1 blank page (both sides)

Details of residency

° Tourist voucher (=VISA SUPPORT) with signature and stamp of the hotel Management/or place where you are staying
° First and last name of all travelers (yourself included) have to be mentioned.

Family/friends visit:
Invitation written by
° or the federal migration service of the Russian Federation
° or a family member/friend.
° or a notary in Russia (only applicable if the inviting person is a citizen of the European Union)
This letter must contain:
° First and last name of all travelers (including yourself)
° First and last name of the inviting family member
° Residency address and telephone number during your stay in Russia.
° Period of your stay.

° official hotel confirmation and tourist voucher (=VISA SUPPORT) with signature and stamp of the cruise company
° First and last name of all travellers (yourself included) have to be mentioned.

VISA SUPPORT can be arranged by visa desk. Send an email to, with the following:
° copy of the data page from your international passport
° exact dates of your stay in Russia
° List of cities you will visit during your stay in Russia
° How many times you will enter Russia on your trip.

Cost VISA SUPPORT : 60.5Eur per person.

Insurance certificate/ medical travel assistance

° Written in French, Dutch or English
° stamped and signed by the company

Clearly mentioning:
° First and last name of traveler
° Polis Number
° the word 'Russia' or 'worldwide'
° The validity of the polis must cover the whole trip.

Parental consent for travelling minors

This document is needed for all minors (-18 years old).

To apply for at City Hall:
This document has to be:
- original
- recent
- signed and stamped

Bank certificate

In addition a bank certificate (stating that you have at least 1000 euro per week) or bank statement is requested:
- housewife(man)
- unemployed
- students

Not applicable for:
- groups of at least 5 persons

° Bank certificate can not be older than 2 weeks

Residency card

Not necessary:
when your nationality is part of the Schengen area.

Copy of your Belgian residency card (both sides) if you have another nationality than the Belgian.

If you don't have a Belgian residency card, please contact us:

Passport picture

- 1 recent color passport picture, white background ( attach with paperclip)
- size 3,5cm x 4,5cm
- no scanned or self printed pictures
- frontal picture of face and shoulders
- without tinted glasses

Flight confirmation

- Flight information (both ways)
- Name and first name of yourself and your co-travellers

Specific documents

Australian nationality:
° Add a detailled biography

Birth certificate

This document is needed for all minors (-18 years old).

To apply for at City Hall:
This document has to be:
- original
- recent
- signed and stamped